04 Sep Traking a tool that optimizes marketing campaigns

Tracking, which means follow-up or tracking in English, is one of the most important issues and one of the least taken care of in offline marketing campaigns. It is detected which was the announcement that has generated a call or a sale. This system allows to track the telephone calls that are received to know where they have come from.


Tracking is a very powerful tool, because it allows us to know where sales come from, which campaigns work and which do not. It also has another point in favor, it can be integrated with Google Analytics, thus measuring the visits of our website and the phone calls received.


Many times it happens that companies generate actions to promote their products or services without effectively monitoring those campaigns. Without this monitoring, it is impossible to know which campaigns have generated the sales, or which have involved a large investment, so the campaigns do not generate the desired result. Measuring the results of a campaign can help the budget to be less and its result much more powerful.

When putting into operation a marketing campaign, the usual thing is to publish in google, Facebook, Instagram and less and less in the actulidad the graphic way with ads on paper.
Once the communication is activated in all the channels, if the receiver is interested, the calls will increase some will ask about the product others will ask for quotes and others will buy.

The key is to know where the phone calls of potential new customers come from, obtaining detailed information for the marketing strategy.

Currently, cloud telephony companies offer tools capable of detecting from where and how they have entered those calls, with customer data, details of each call (user name, date and time) and campaigns
of marketing that will generate more phone calls.

The secret is to assign a phone number to each channel of the campaign. You just have to create a phone number for each advertisement and configure a virtual number to know which communication channel of the campaign is most effective.

These tracking tools monitor phone calls and optimize marketing campaigns in real time. In addition, they allow you to discover which campaigns cause more revenue through traffic tracking. It is about optimizing advertising, eliminating marketing campaigns without objectives and measuring sales by calls.

These are economic tools and very simple to implement to measure the results of campaigns and have better information on the needs of users.


Some of these tracking tools also allow you to make a detailed tracking of calls in Google Analytics, generating statistics and graphs of their behavior within that application. The use by the experts in Marketing of Google Analytics gets to know and measure the results of their campaigns.

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