10 Oct Keys to success in Instagram

Instagram Feed!

In recent years, Instagram has managed to position itself on the top of social networks. It is the social network that in addition to entertaining allows you to show your work, tell tips and transmit live stories, build albums and assemble longer videos; This allows you to project, connect with users with common interests, convert followers to fans and fans to Customers. The social network that has grown the most, the most active and the one with the most FEEDBACK. Building your brand profile if you want your brand to stand out among others in Instagram you will have to clarify the objectives and for whom your products and services are destined, to begin to build the Identity.

  1. Define What kind of images you need to create to not go Unnoticed.
  2. Design MoodBoards monthly.
  3. Create an editorial calendar to organize your publications.
  4. Count it showing a story with Climates.
  5. Write texts that connect to your Audience.
  6. Create unique Hashtags.
  7. Identify which are the best times to Publish.
  8. Use APP to help you with the Instagram Feed.

Instagram is a window to show your work, but the ideal is that the content refer to a platform as your website, blog or online store. If you need help the best is once the ideas are clear hiring a designer’s services to generate the “Visual Feed”.

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